Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toothless smile.

Its 1:30 AM and he has been up for an hour. His mommy has been sleeping, well she is tired and she deserves to rest. I am watching over him and he seems to be very far from anything close to sleepy. 

I put him on my lap and start rocking him, gently at first and then increasing the rhythm as my efforts bear no fruit. After about half hour of rocking, the little eyes start to droop. And as the eye lids close in further, the rocking gets smoother. 

Finally as the eye lids close tight and shut, a second or two later, the toothless jaws open up in a smile of divinity and contentment that is so serene, I wonder if there is anything more joyous to watch.

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Divya said...

Appa saaamy...touchita po...