Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love at first sight

The day is the 18th of January 2011, time about 4:45 pm. The place is the Fortis hospital at Bannerghatta road, Bangalore. We have some news. The wait is over. The verdict is out and accepted. The docs have concluded that we had waited enough and advised a C-section.

We have been at the hospital since 2 days. Mom-in-law has been with us for about 4 months now. But these couple days have been her loneliest. She was at a hospital amidst voices in a unfamiliar tongue. She needed some reassurance and I turned to the closest help at hand - my Aunt. She took a day off from her work and arrived at the hospital.

So far going has been good. Dad-in-law has been informed and he has started immediately. It is a 6 hour journey to Bangalore from Erode (via Salem). My mom has been informed and she is trying to get to Bangalore from Pollachi. Its the start of the week following Pongal festivals and buses and trains are running full. My mom has to wait.

4 pm, Dad-in-law has just reached the hospital and we are in the wait. 4:45 pm, the docs have just visited. The decision is taken. Pallavi is relieved that the wait will be over, she seems prepared, but I am not sure. Things move swiftly. The OT is getting ready, we around are getting anxious, there is bound to be action shortly and we are not sure if we are ready.

5 pm, the attendants wheel her - bed and all into the OT. She is smiling, we are praying. These days it seems to be a minor procedure, but signing requisite forms gives me the creeps. After all its all human. But I have faith, things have been good so far, there is no reason for me to worry, but still there is adrenaline and I cannot hide from that.

5:30 pm, I look around, My dad and mom-in laws are deep in meditation. Looking at their serene faces gives me some comfort. I clutch my aunt's hands and chant my prayers silently. I do not know yet if its going to be a boy or girl, I only pray that things go fine and my two other lives will come out of the OT with good health for the rest of their lives.

5:45 pm, the doc comes out. We hold her in high esteem, she has been so much assuring and involved and we have gained so much confidence in her. I greet and meet her. "Congrats, its a baby-boy. Things went well. Blood loss was normal. There is no worries". She seems elated. Well I am too, things went well. I inform the others. There are tears of joy, we were hopeful of a baby-girl, but relief that things have gone well. I shed a tear or two, it just escapes me.

6 pm, my aunt and mom-in-law are busy on phone calls, there are two family trees to be informed and the communication responsibilities are shared. My dad-in-law and me are waiting, chatting, hopeful to meeting the people out. Its the nurse on her way out of the OT to the delivery rooms. In her hands is a green bundle, she meets us and displays the contents of the green bundle.

Tiny face with little round eyes. The cutest, tiniest and freshest pair of eyes that I have ever seem. They seem confused. The eyeballs are rolling, the gaze shifts between the nurse, dad-in-law and me. "Whats with you people? Never seen a just-born before? Stop staring or I will feel embarrassed." His face is so flushed its the brightest baby pink as he meets and greets air for the first time. I am glad he is normal and lets the nurse carry on into the delivery room.

I think this is love at first sight...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This day, the 18th of January 2011, we have breathed life to our bundle of joy. Well on more thought it finally dawns on me that on the contrary it is he who has breathed a new life into us.

Life is going to be so different for the two of us, now that we are three of us. It has been an eventful year for us with the baby thing, but now its relief. Things are looking good for a better year this 2011.

Wishes have been pouring in from all walks of life. We are deeply indebted to all the folks and it will be all these good wishes that will keep us going. Thanks a lot folks! :)