Monday, March 23, 2009

Boring Saturday and a eventful Sunday

Yesterday was the most boring saturday of my life. I spent the whole day lazing around. I ordered a medium domnino pizza for lunch and had the same for dinner too. I did not move outside the room and at night it started raining. I downloaded a couple of movies, "Vennila kabadi kuzhu" being one among them. Today morning also I woke up early, early being 4 AM. The jet lag is still not off me completely and I get asleep in the evenings and manage to eat dinner early.

Today is a good one I hope, I am visiting Kiran today and will be taking the train to visit him. I also managed to withdraw some cash from an ATM here in safeway super market. The bank is Wells Fargo. We have had some business interaction from Oracle with the bank and I just remembered the work we did that time...

Now I am aboard the caltrain and typing this as I pass hayward park station. I must alight at Milbrae and take a connecting BART transport to Rockridge where Kiran will be picking me up...

Got a little confused in buying BART tickets at the Milbrae station, one machine I tried was not accepting $1 coins, help was nearby and I tried another machine and it worked. Anyways I had planned for a little time there since I know I need to get the tickets and now I am aboard the BART train heading towards Pittsburg/Bay point and will get down at Rockridge station. Kiran will be waiting at that station to pick me up.

I hope that we will be able to visit the ethiopian restaurant just like last time and have some good food.
To be continued...

No it did not happen that way, just as I was getting into the BART, I got a voice message, change of plans, I got to transfer at Mc Arthur station into the Richmond line and get down at Downtown Berkeley. Oh yeah, its the same kind of places as in "Adiye Kolludhe" from "Varanam Ayiram"... Lunched with Kiran at a Salvadorian cusine and then walks down the way in downtown. Kiran asked me to join him and company for a movie.

Well coming to the company, two girls, both tamil, but more American than Indian, both 30s, both single, both students. Kiran has great friends. One was pretty the other moderate. Well I kind of felt odd to join them for a movie, had coffee with these guys and parted ways. Retraced my train route back to hotel... Was full tired and man crashed hard...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off to the US on a business trip

A quick trip got planned for a new project in office and I am off to US for 3 months. I will be based out of SFO. I expect the work to be tight so that I am kept occupied, for I do not have many friends in SFO and bay area now and weekends will surely be boring.

Currently in transit in Singapore airport, just thought I will make a quick update. Lovely Singapore airport again. I have got confirmed that when I return back I can stay in Singpore for upto 4 days with a on arrival visa since I have a valid US visa and travel tickets back to India within the limit 96 hours.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

3 years since

Three years back, this very day, I took a ride in the intercity express and life went on an absolute roller coaster. I met a girl on the train, this very day three years back. The journey was absorbing, we got acquainted and chatted and chatted and chatted. I liked her immediately, but her first take was too much. She liked me so much that, when we got off the train she concluded that she wanted to get a guy like me. Her long standing wait for a soul mate was finally going to get over.

Days turned to weeks and acquaintance turned into a relationship, a little more than friendship but not measuring enough to be termed as love. I finally appreciated the fact that Bangalore has some very beautiful and romantic parks. More and more I got convinced that if I missed this chance, that would be the most costly miss of my life. I was not sweet sixteen, but those were the best days of my life.

Weeks turned to months and eventually the family snooped by. My side was happy for my decision since the girl was much known to them. In fact everybody adored her. Roller coaster began its twists and turns when her family got into the loop and raised a strong veto against the relationship. Every thing cannot be smooth all the time and whats the thrill without some troubles. We have had our fair share of them and time is the best answer to most.

Months turned to a year and when finally all family issues were resolved, things started to get real rosy again. She is clearly the best thing that has happened to me. Sometime I so wonder how much she completes me. She kind of gels in well with the character that I am and same must be how she felt too. In unspoken words, in sly and seductive glances is a story of requited love that changed two lives and many more.

One and half years since the day we met each other we got married. It was a simple affair, a temple wedding and simple reception. It was a day that we can never forget in our lives, when the moment arrived, I looked into her eyes and she into mine. There was family all around us, but nothing else mattered but that moment. No words came out, yet everything that is so important in this world were then spoken. I tied the knot and thus we became man and wife.

Moving in together, our married existence was a world apart to to our vaguely joint lives so far and each day brought something new, sometimes something to remember. Mostly we do cohabit, we have very few stuff that each other dislike, and I now feel that is more important to a relationship than the things we are alike. We managed to retain our individuality and yet coexist and that I consider as the one thing in each other that we cherish the most.

Between work and home, weekdays and weekends, commercial street and visits to 'Blossoms', between her love for books and my passion for aquariums, cricket and shopping, we spent our lives, and we have so far spent it well. I donot yet know if I have been a perfect guy to her, but she has been the sweetest girl I have known. These three years have been the most eventful years that my life has so far known. But without a doubt these have been the best.