Thursday, June 09, 2011


So where do I start? Class V is when this friendship started. That's when I joined the school. He was already in there, may be he joined a year or two earlier. He was the son of the most famous dentist in town. Nishanth joined the school a year later in Class VI.

How did we become buddies? I do not know, may be we were always buddies. But we were the gang of 3, always together during break times and lunch hours, we did a lot of crazy school stuff together. We were in the school band, he was the drummer and then went on to become the band leader and performed with a lot of grace. Nishanth was always the side drummer. I joined in as with the bugle and then went on to become the trumpeter.

Lots of incredible times. He was in the neighborhood and come into the hostel for the studies times. I also had to join in being the principal's son. Subramani or STN as he was fondly known as, was a guy with a lot of flair. He was the prince of the 'A' section, the only one. The most friendly guy around and certainly the most talked about.

Certain stuff that come back to my memory. He was quite a studious guy but not the most serious one. He would be remembered by the teachers (and my mom) for getting all the answers correct on the exam papers, but still will loose marks because of not tagging his answers to the right question numbers. I think it did not matter much to him as much as getting the bookish knowledge as full as possible onto the answer sheet.

A very good dancer he was. Self created and an ardent follower of MJ. Western dance came on naturally and effortlessly to him and he was on the annual day performances all the school years. Me and Nishanth had a lot of catch up to do and some of the steps that he produced, required a lot of effort to replicate. Over the years in school he has given innumerable performances, Western (O-Pa), Karagattam and Tamil folk too.

When we were about to finish school (exams over and waiting for the results), he and Nishanth always used to say that I would secure the first mark and I used to chide them, given the fact that not even once during school I did secure first. But he had a genuine heart and may be because of his words, I don't know, I did secure the first mark, topping with two other folks. I will always remember you for that. 

We finished school and he went to do BDS and then his MDS, Nishanth and I went the engineering way. We were in contact for some time after that as well, but recently fell out of touch. Subramani is a name that everybody in my class and most in the school will always remember with a tall figure who is always on a smile, that's forgotten how to end.

Life is sometimes so very cruel. It takes away some gems and leaves behind a big void. We hear of accident mishaps so many times and people losing their dear ones. It only strikes you when you have lost somebody dear. It changes everything, all is well one instant and gone to nothing in the next. It has shattered some of the confidence I had in the 'good life'.

STN, this one is for you. We have lost a dear friend and I wish I had a one more chance to tell you how dear you have been to me. During all the years in school and beyond I have learned a lot from you. That is part of what I am today. You are somebody unforgettable and your memories will live on with all of us. May you rest in peace. Pray there be some solace in these troubled times.