Friday, December 05, 2008

Greens restaurant review

Its been a very long time since my cousin Suji suggested that we visit the Greens Restaurant on outer ring road close to Agara junction and close to my house. But some reason or the other I have been frequenting places in HSR itself such as Krishna Sagar and Kohinoor.

For a change we decided to do the Greens last evening and drove for dinner over there. It is a bar and restaurant and its got a separate pub premises and a dining area. So that's a plus. The setting is a garden restaurant with idyllic seating sections.

The lighting is dim and creates the ambience along with the old fashioned wooden tables and neat wooden chairs. But apart from that the place has nothing to offer. The premises looks very old and not maintained properly with dust and dirt and the table linen were dingy.

The food was average and moderately priced too so cant complain much. We started with 'Hot and Sour' soups and a starter. Main course was Naan and rotis with some kadai subji. the overall feel of the food was just average and tasted like a late night dhabba food.

Overall good for the ambience and the liquor, I think that is what people frequent this joint for. But food wise you can skip this restaurant for better options in the visinity.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Stages in a motobike's life

When he was 4 he was never out of the show room probably and he was on a grand display at Sri Sarathy motors.

When he was 40 I am sure I picked him up but he was on his trial runs since I learned biking after getting him to my stable.

When he was 400 he was still in "For Registration" mode since I got him christened as "TN 41 L 8901" only after completion of his 500.

When he was 4000 he was the king of Chennai, doing his rounds everywhere that I took him from Office to home in Thiruvanmiyur, from beaches in ECR to Mayajal, from Satyam to Spencers and beyond

Well well well, he is 40000 right now and still running very strong. Never under utilized, but well maintained, he has given me very little trouble till now and he has been my most faithful buddy.

Cheers to my TVS Victor.