Monday, March 10, 2008

Best buddy wedded

Weekend was a special one. For me most of them invariably are, but this one is a pick of the lot. Not often do you get to see a best bud tying the knot. I do not know how many of you personally know him, but Nishanth is a great buddy, one of the finest that I have ever come across. And this is the weekend that will be remember for Nishanth's wedding to Arthi. Not a lot is known about the bride at this point of time, but this science grad is the gold medalist of her university.

It was Pravin and myself from Bangalore who took the Friday night bus out to Cumbum. It was 8 AM when we reached and the accommodation was all arranged. We checked in, got ready, had breakfast and caught up with a movie "Partner" on Pravin's IPhone (man thats a cool one - movie was crap, I meant the phone). The groom's gang arrived at noon and Nagaraj (Nagu) was with them.

So it was we three to represent our school mates for the reception in the evening of 8th March and for the wedding that took place on the morning of 9th of March. Cumbum is a little town and the place and ambiance might have been modest, but the proceedings were grand. You can catch up with the pictures and a video here

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Pallavi has always been an ardent fan of Hampi. I think this has to do with her penchant for history. Ruins that stand testimony to the might and skill of a flourishing empire 600 years ago is stuff of her best dreams.

We chose this place to celebrate the completion of 6 months of married life for the weekend 23rd and 24th of Feb, 2008. We traveled to and from Hospet (13 km from Hampi) by KSTRC bus. Accommodation was in a Karnataka tourism run Mayura Bhuvaneshwari hotel in Kamalapur (4 km from Hampi) - Contact # - 08394 241574 for reservations.

The ambiance or facilities of the hotel is not commensurate to the cost, so it would say a modest lodging that we found, though you do not have much choice close to the desolate ruins and deserted sands. But the beauty of Hampi is amazing. A terrain sculpted in boulders (by nature) and interspersed with beautiful temples, fortress walls, courtyard, tanks, pillars etc... (by man)

Hampi is a World Heritage Site under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) but very few of the monuments have been restored. Most of the sites are well beyond repair and will not stand the test of time beyond another 10-15 years. The ingenuity of the local folk and artisans in the heyday of the Vijayanagara empire (600 years ago) is vivid on each and every artifact that still stands to tell its tale.

The weather was extremely hot and we had to hire a rick to travel between the places. The distances between various sites is appreciable. We did visit most of the sites including the Virupaksha temple, Ganesha idols, Ugranarasimha temple, Underground Shiva temple, Palace ruins and fort, elephant stables, Kings balance, Raghunatha temple (for a breathtaking view of the sunset), Hazara Rama temple, Achutaraya temple, Pushkarni tank, Mahanavami mandapa, Vittala temple and few other places too...

Overall a very good place for people with a love of historical and holy places. (Pilgrimage type of folk). I would say best season is during winter months (Nov-Jan)

Pictures of the trip can be found here. Do leave your comments in the album.

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