Thursday, August 23, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

On the edge

Last working day as a Bachelor
Last lunch at cafeteria as a Bachelor
Last pool game as a Bachelor
Last visit to the temple as a Bachelor
Last office meeting and presentation as a Bachelor
Last time starting from Bangalore as a Bachelor
Last train journey as a Bachelor

Now for some firsts
First time face pack
First time cucumber eye treatment ;)

I wonder how many more is left as the time closes and I am on the edge.
Will keep updating as and when some thing happens.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Bitching, Back-biting all mean the same. And its universal be it in the rampant discussions that run through the family or in the cafeterias of the corporate world.

Why do people bitch? Why do they want to be happy at the misery of others? I think it starts with a bullying attitude that some people have. They like to gain control of power over less privileged/meek types.

I think some people have it inherited in their genes. The very act of making unreasonable accusations and false rumblings is coded into their DNA. Its an integral part of them that is almost impossible to change.

In the corporate world, there are people who are so jealous of people who have been promoted or appreciated or a host of many other positive things. Instead of thinking about how they can get their status elevated to their competitors (this is a healthy thought though), their over enthusiastic brain works in the other direction, thinking of ways to back-stab them.

So often, its also the innocent supporters of the targets who also fall a victim to the evil instincts of the slanderous few. These innocent few are like the refugees held up in a border battle, tossed about and having their sentiments hurt, their pride demoralized and life becomes hell.

This post is in support to these blameless creatures who are still victimized and will do all odds to break the jinx.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mission Fridge

Got the fridge last night, picked on a 250 lts, double door, mist gray color Samsung fridge. Model RT25. Its got a built in stabilizer, a cool pack and split shelves for fruits and vegetables. Will be delivered tonight. Waiting...

Update: This fridge was delivered the next day in the evening. Went home, cleaned only the place where the fridge was to be placed. Took delivery of the same and set it all up. I was home for an hour and set the equipment running and checking its working condition. All said and done, stopped the appliance and came back. I haven't been there yet. Will go today! (14-Aug) :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Till the last instant

It is the evening of 11th of august. The day that Pheebs is flying out to Melbourne. Yeah she claims it is her hometown now. 2 years in Australia and she is more Oz than Indian these days. Her vacation was short and her schedule was tight. So tight that I have seen her only about couple times this whole month that she was here. Or rather not, she was on a week long trip for a couple times this vacation and so effectively that makes it just a couple weeks out here.

She has got to check in at 10:30 PM for a Malaysian airlines flight to Melbourne. I call up Aunt and she is not feeling too well, I suspect it is also the prospect of breaking down before a crowd of relatives that is pulling her strings. Pheebs has always been a lone solace for Aunt in the troublesome patches of her eventful life.

So that leave us both to visit the airport. We have dinner and start at around 9:30 PM. As usual just joined the main road and the traffic melee starts. Sony World Junction is, I should say a intersection where the traffic is slow but moving. But today we are not that lucky. When it rains it pours and when it does everything in Bangalore stops. But its been sometime since the rain stopped and the traffic goes on.

Intermediate ring road is a stretch that I love biking on and this time around it is smooth. We go up the Domalur flyover and join Airport road. Its after this that the real fun starts. Manipal hospital signal and it goes on and on. I really don't know what held us out there but we were held up for about 10 mins there.

We pass all obstacles to finally enter - HAL Airport - Departures. I turn right from Airport road into the Departures section entrance road to find a endless pile of vehicles all jam packed and locked on. There are vehicles of all makes and types. From bikes, small cars, luxury cars, SUVs, cabs and even trucks it all lying there doing nothing and moving no where.

The wait seems to be indefinite. Pheebs rings up to say that she is in the Airport and waiting for us and she must check in for departure at 10:30. Its already 10 minutes past 10 and time is running out. On the pavement we see Dims and her friend waking along. I wish we could do the same and reach before Pheebs is gone for another 2 years, but I had my vehicle to attend to. I had to park and get to the departures terminal.

And then, some vehicles get cleared and start moving and lo, the unending wait is suddenly over. Being on a bike also helps in such situations. I navigated my bike between the gaps between the stranded bigger vehicles and finally hit the parking lot. 2 minutes and my bike was parked and we ran in to meet Pheebs and bid farewell to her.

All was not lost, Pheebs was just entering the boarding area as we joined all our people. Couple of minutes she managed to be with us and then waved the final bye. It was a happy ending after all. Putting up with the rain, the endless traffic, the blazing horns and the ceaseless chaos, for this last minute adieu to some one who will be gone for sometime now.

I guess life is all about the little moments of happiness that pass by. All we need to do is to slow time during those times of merry and enjoy the joy when it lasts! :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The joy of singing together

Riding the bike on long trips can be fun enough if you have the right company.
But biking in the city may not be so much a pleasurable experience for you have to pass through umpteen number of traffic signals, jams and rain and sun.

Partnering in city riding can be fun to a certain extent, but that depends on how entertaining you partner is. I am lucky to have a partner who is a certain enthusiast when it comes to singing for me. Sometimes I never have to ask, she just comes up with a super number when we are on the bike and the moments just pass.

Bug hunt

Last evening was the Bug-Hunt. Software engineers will be used to hearing this term in the figurative sense for finding the issues with their software which are called bugs

But here I mean the term in the literal sense. The house we have rented out in HSR is so full of cockroaches that we got pissed off the last time we visited the place. There were roaches everywhere - in the kitchen drawers, in the bedroom wardrobes, on the floot, in the sink, just everywhere.

So we embarked on a mission, got three canisters of 'Hit-cockroaches'. Spent about half hour at the place spraying every nook and corner with the spray. Was pretty effective too, we saw a lot of the roaches dead. Shut all the windows tight and locked the place. Will go there for cleaning in a couple of days. I think the issue would be addressed by then.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Thanks to Sravan for sharing with me the song "Hello" by Lionel Richie. This is a 80's song and its so touching that its been running continuously on my IPod and my system.

This is a super romantic song that touches the chords of your soul and renders it void with a lot of sympathy for the poor guy so much in love with his lady love and wanting to win her attention.

The tone is very soft and its just the piano and guitar that sets the tone for the song.

Find the lyrics here

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Down the memory lane

A long time ago, a bunch of fresh-out-of-college'ers made a trip to Mayajaal.
Top Row (L->R): Sharada, Priya, Suman, Sudhir, Athreya, Venkatesh
Middle Row (L->R): Sreeja, Sathish, Rupa, Soba
Bottom Row (L->R): Srinivas, Tom, Saravanan

Thursday, August 02, 2007

And the tension mounts

In three weeks I will be tying the knot and the tension is palpable.
The invite process is on and starting this weekend, I will be running from pillar to post trying to get all the arrangements done.
I just wish this 3 weeks just zips past! :)

No, on second thought I'd rather that these 3 weeks take their own sweet time! Hehe

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A personal milestone

Not for me but for my bike.
TVS Victor 2003 July Model. Black colored with gold stickering.
As on date it has completed 29K Kms.

This post is in celebration of my dear bike :)
I think I should post some pictures of it here. I will ;)