Thursday, August 16, 2007


Bitching, Back-biting all mean the same. And its universal be it in the rampant discussions that run through the family or in the cafeterias of the corporate world.

Why do people bitch? Why do they want to be happy at the misery of others? I think it starts with a bullying attitude that some people have. They like to gain control of power over less privileged/meek types.

I think some people have it inherited in their genes. The very act of making unreasonable accusations and false rumblings is coded into their DNA. Its an integral part of them that is almost impossible to change.

In the corporate world, there are people who are so jealous of people who have been promoted or appreciated or a host of many other positive things. Instead of thinking about how they can get their status elevated to their competitors (this is a healthy thought though), their over enthusiastic brain works in the other direction, thinking of ways to back-stab them.

So often, its also the innocent supporters of the targets who also fall a victim to the evil instincts of the slanderous few. These innocent few are like the refugees held up in a border battle, tossed about and having their sentiments hurt, their pride demoralized and life becomes hell.

This post is in support to these blameless creatures who are still victimized and will do all odds to break the jinx.

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Anonymous said...

why such a vitriolic post..aimed at someone in our company or elsewhere !!