Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bug hunt

Last evening was the Bug-Hunt. Software engineers will be used to hearing this term in the figurative sense for finding the issues with their software which are called bugs

But here I mean the term in the literal sense. The house we have rented out in HSR is so full of cockroaches that we got pissed off the last time we visited the place. There were roaches everywhere - in the kitchen drawers, in the bedroom wardrobes, on the floot, in the sink, just everywhere.

So we embarked on a mission, got three canisters of 'Hit-cockroaches'. Spent about half hour at the place spraying every nook and corner with the spray. Was pretty effective too, we saw a lot of the roaches dead. Shut all the windows tight and locked the place. Will go there for cleaning in a couple of days. I think the issue would be addressed by then.

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