Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flat tyre

10 PM on a Saturday evening and departing from my relative's place and my car's front right tyre is flat. Replaced with the spare and drove back home. Happy that nothing happened because the next day (Sunday) evening, I find that the replaced tyre is also flat... Yeah my car was grounded but glad that it did not happen in the middle of no where!

Monday comes and I get both the flat tyres fixed. One is a routine puncture whereas the other is a bad tube (split mouth and bad patches) and is promptly replaced. The tyre with the new tube goes into the boot for the spare and I imagine that this will be the end of the bad weekend with flat tyres.

I am so mistaken... Ask me how. Following monday, I am driving back from office to pick her up and get back to my cozy home, when on outer ring road close to the Sarjapur road junction, an auto wala stops me. I roll my window down and he calls in... FLAT TYRE and I am thinking one thing... NOT AGAIN.

Thats not the end of things, I roll up my sleeves and quickly get the car up on the jack and replace the flat tyre (front left one) with the spare one from the boot. After all the spare tyre has got a new tube. As the jack unwinds and the car comes down to ground level, thousands of thundering typhoons! the spare... with the new tube... is also FLAT. Jeeks what in the world is happening!

At that point my worst nightmare is a simple one, two words - FLAT TYRE!
Wow... 4 punctures in 2 weeks, thats odd... I think I must take my car back to the temple for a round two of some pujas!!!

Wanna know what happened later? Wait for part 2!


Nik said...

I know what happened.
You forgot you inflate the spare tyre after replacing tube

Nik said...

Answer 2: You had a bet with someone with your tyre will not be flat in future

Nik said...

Answer 2: You had a bet with someone that your tyre will not be flat in future. I know how powerful ur bet is :)))))

Uma said...

What ever did happen then???

Praba said...

still waiting for part 2!!