Thursday, May 24, 2007

Big Bigger Biggest... Bulbs we know of

**All incidents described below are purely real and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is intentional and purely incidental...**

1) Boy books train ticket for Girl. This is an ITicket that will be couriered to the address provided. Boy waits for ticket. One day... Two day... Three day also... No courier and no ticket. Boy wants to impress Girl, but hell of a courier. Boy gets call from home town. Its Boy's mom. "Hey, whats this you have booked a ticket for a 22 year old female? and the only person in the ticket?" Boy realizes his bulb. Instead of giving his address, he has provided his hometown for the courier delivery. Bingo!

2) Boy gets introduced to Girl. Boy likes Girl so much... Boy is basically frustrated and looking for a relationship in life. Girl messages Boy, Boy floods Girl's phone with all kinds of messages. And this goes on. Boy comes to Bangalore and Girl is in Chennai. They miss each other. Boy comes to know the day is Girl's Bday. Wow super opportunity. Boy is full excited to impress Girl totally. Boy calls Girl on her mobile and sings loudly "Happy B'day to you... Happy B'day to you". The voice on the other end responds "Its Girl's mom... Wait I will pass it on to her". Boy cannot stop blushing and cannot hide his embarrassment. Finally will Boy corrects Girl's mom??? Bingo! :)

3) Boy finds issues with some labels... Boy is all fired up. Boy wants to showcase his pro activeness. Boy calls dev and fires, dev is startled and starts email chain to whole team. Then calls qa to check what is happening. QA calls Boy and talks to him. Boy investigates and finds that the only person to make any changes whatsoever was HIMSELF!!!!

4) Boy likes Girl. Girl does not like Boy. Girl like to play TT. So Boy buys TT bat and goes to play TT. Boy and Girl play TT. Boy likes Girl but does Boy like Girl's play? God only knows! Time passes by, Boy and Girl get introduced and thats it. Girl quits company (May be fearing Boy???). Boy is in tears. Now Boy must find another Girl. Boy gets all Bulbs, but no Girls.... God be merciful...

5) Boy and Girl are old friends. Boy has a big time crush on Girl. Girl does not know of that. Boy decides to go to Chennai (Girl stays there) for the sole purpose of wooing the Girl. Boy informs his friends. All his friends tell him that he is kidding. So Boy is infuriated and decides that it is this weekend come what may. Boy is to meet Girl on that Sunday, he goes for a cricket match on Saturday. Small mistake and Boy gets hit on the forehead with the bails. Boy missed the Sunday meeting. Worse still on the very same day, Girl goes through a betrothal ceremony and Girl is engaged. Boy missed Girl! But Boy does not miss a big bulb.

6) Boy and Girl are colleagues on the same floor. Boy has a crush on each and every Girl. So by default Boy has crush on Girl. But Boy is tongue tied as usual and Girl is a geek. So time passes. Boy sees Girls, does nothing (or something??), and Girl studies and works. Finally Girl gets admission to higher studies abroad and puts in her papers. Boy is shattered. On Girl's last day in office, Boy meets Girl in lift, they are alone... What happens next? Nothing happens, Boy musters his courage "Is this your last day", Girl smiles (horrible smile) "Yeah, I'm leaving today, But sorry, WHAT'S YOUR NAME???". Yukkk...

7) Boy and Girl are old friends, Girl relocates to Bangalore and is looking for accommodation. Girl seeks the help of the Boy on this. Thats it, Boy has been waiting for such a long time for this. He prepares excel sheets of accommodation availability, calls up lots of people and tries to get something fixed. One Sunday Girl asks Boy if he can accompany her to visit one place available. Boy is all fired up, he takes a shower, drenches in deo and is all dressed up. Boy is waiting and here comes the Auto. Moment of destiny, its now or never. Hi is the voice. Sounds a little old, well whose is it anyways. Boy looks in and is stunned. Its the Girl's mom with her, ready for house hunting....