Monday, August 22, 2011

Thanks Achu...

About 5 years back, before Pallavi and me got married (and were doing our rounds), we were visited by my youngest cousin. Done and dusted on his 10th exams, Ashwin (Achu) ventured out of his hill top world and embarked on a week's vacation of Bangalore.

It was a fantastic one week for the both of us. Pallavi was put up in a PG in Koramnagala close to my aunt's place where I was put up. Those were the days when my office day started at 11 and ended pretty much at 4. :), so basically lots of free weekday time unlike the present days.

Everyday for that week, Pallavi used to join us after work and we roamed all the hot spots of Bangalore. We did roam like crazy. Those were the times of no car and we used to take the autos everywhere. To sightseeing, to movies and to shopping. Achu had a halo of simplicity, innocence and amicability all around him. So much fun and laughter around, that it appears to have happened just yesterday!

Times have changed and that little brother has grown up. Much of the amicability and innocence is still intact and he has grown a persona that I have now come to admire. Now in college and notably the leader among us with cars, tech and gadgetry and stuff.

We have been wanting to have a picture of us framed every since Arjun become active, but look at what Achu has done for our wedding anniversary. Brother, you have done us proud and suddenly I am amazed its the same Achu who visited us 5 years past.

Thanks a lot Achu...

Achu's gift to us for our 4th wedding anniversary...

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