Tuesday, December 03, 2013


One of the good things I enjoy about living @ Springfields is that it has a 20k sq. ft ground. And a few gentlemen folks who man the Springfields Welfare Association (SWA) happened to be Volleyball enthusiasts and put an outdoor court on this ground.

So almost every evening, few folks (sometimes 3 a side to sometimes 4 teams of 7 members each) get together for a few games. Now that we have played almost for a year, the games have become of good quality.

I used to play Volleyball back in school. I used to enjoy it so much. I was one the most loved things for me at school. This was the teens. I have not played any sport in my 20s. Now I hope this changes in the 30s that an hour or two of Volleyball a day will keep me fit. Will it keep me flexible, I do not know. But its a thing I enjoy about every day @ Springfields.