Friday, December 05, 2008

Greens restaurant review

Its been a very long time since my cousin Suji suggested that we visit the Greens Restaurant on outer ring road close to Agara junction and close to my house. But some reason or the other I have been frequenting places in HSR itself such as Krishna Sagar and Kohinoor.

For a change we decided to do the Greens last evening and drove for dinner over there. It is a bar and restaurant and its got a separate pub premises and a dining area. So that's a plus. The setting is a garden restaurant with idyllic seating sections.

The lighting is dim and creates the ambience along with the old fashioned wooden tables and neat wooden chairs. But apart from that the place has nothing to offer. The premises looks very old and not maintained properly with dust and dirt and the table linen were dingy.

The food was average and moderately priced too so cant complain much. We started with 'Hot and Sour' soups and a starter. Main course was Naan and rotis with some kadai subji. the overall feel of the food was just average and tasted like a late night dhabba food.

Overall good for the ambience and the liquor, I think that is what people frequent this joint for. But food wise you can skip this restaurant for better options in the visinity.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Stages in a motobike's life

When he was 4 he was never out of the show room probably and he was on a grand display at Sri Sarathy motors.

When he was 40 I am sure I picked him up but he was on his trial runs since I learned biking after getting him to my stable.

When he was 400 he was still in "For Registration" mode since I got him christened as "TN 41 L 8901" only after completion of his 500.

When he was 4000 he was the king of Chennai, doing his rounds everywhere that I took him from Office to home in Thiruvanmiyur, from beaches in ECR to Mayajal, from Satyam to Spencers and beyond

Well well well, he is 40000 right now and still running very strong. Never under utilized, but well maintained, he has given me very little trouble till now and he has been my most faithful buddy.

Cheers to my TVS Victor.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thai update

The current elected government is a puppet of the ousted formed prime minister who has escaped the country, thus allege the people alliance for democracy (PAD). As a final and intense climax to their protests, the PAD have taken control over Bangkok's two airports and forced the airports on a complete shutdown.

This has caused repercussions forcing airlines to cancel flights and Thai airlines have canceled their BLE-BKK flight for the past three days. Since I could not be on that flight, I could not take my vacation in Thailand scheduled to start today and hence every thing stands canceled.

The demonstrators have eroded months of my planning and desire to go into vacation into the shopping lanes and plazas of Bangkok and relax and be one with the serene beaches in Pattaya. Last to talk they have eroded a fair share of the money that I had put into the vacation without even me being on a flight to anywhere.

Thus I am at home in Bangalore, on a pensive mood thinking about cancelling my leaves at office and deciding to go to work today and forget the disappointment.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trip to Pollachi

Last weekend was a busy one. I was joined by couple friends Sumant and Sravan as we went on a two day sight seeing trip to places around Pollachi.

We covered Amaravthi dam, The Croc farm on the dam site, Aliyar dam and Monkey falls. And on Sunday we graced our dear friend Bala's wedding near Pollachi and later in the day took a dip in the fast flowing Ambarampalayam river.

Pictures on Picasa. Link here.

Comments welcome.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wow, a day to remember.

It started with the arrival of the Friday evening. Just an evening more to my first wedding anniversary. Yeah it feels like its been a lot of time since I got to know about Pallavi. We have known each other for about two and half years now. It took us just 14 days to get love locked and spent the next one and half years planning our wedding. I'm just kidding...

Ok back to the Friday evening, the 22nd of August 2008, my in-laws and Pallavi's chithi-chitappa arrived by the intercity express. Yeah, that's the same train on which I first got to know Pallavi. I quickly called in for a city taxi and wisked my senior and junior pair of in-laws to home at HSR Layout. Pallavi served them with hot chappathis and we saw to that they were made comfortable...

The next dawn brought the beginnings of the anniversary and the flood of phone calls began. I am so grateful to each and every one of you who took some time off to give us a call and wish us. I am most honored dear gentlemen and ladies. It was wonderful. I had a lot of guests that day. First was my mom who arrived by overnight bus from Pollachi. She was on a two day holiday and given the breaks my mom takes from her school life, it showed that this is an occasion that she was not going to miss. I was touched. My grandma and uncle from Kotagiri were here and so were my uncle and aunt from Coimbatore. I invited all my close relatives and elders in Bangalore and we had a get together of a 25 people. Yes at my place...

Good things first, I ordered food from Nandhini... It was fantastic and saved the ladies of a tireful morning of cooking en masse. Pallavi and me were decked up and paid a visit to the local temple before attacking breakfast. In the mean time Pallavi's uncle vanished to the Forum to get us something and you wont believe me he has just got me the most expensive shirt I have ever got. I budgetted for less even for my wedding. I am still spellbound and can hardly believe what has happened...

Guests gathered and the house was swarming like a anthill on a hayday. Introductions, followed by more intros and wishes and we settled for lunch. That said and done we went into a game of "Tambola". I need to mention at this point that if there was a family game for my family hailing from Kotagiri this has to be it. I will consider "Rummy" a close second. It has been more than 10 years since I played my last game of housie-housie with my company of cousins and called ourselves the Nasa-Mosa company. It was fun and this is when I missed my favorite Tambola master, our dear Manina...

Tea was served and we proceeded with the cake cutting. My cousin, Suji made sure that his absence was well covered by the fact that the cake that he sent for our anniversary was the best. Man it was so delicious and melted in my mouth. Suji da, I missed you buddy. The occasion was made more special with the arrival of my second cousin Krishna anna, anni with their cute kid Prajal. Thanks guys, your presence is cherished...

Finally after the guests departed, we the left over people at home proceeded to Commercials and to Safina plaza to do some shopping. We shopped and shopped till we were so tired and it was 9:30 pm when we were back home. I was so so tired by the time the day ended, but I had an air of satisfaction all around me, made me feel how wonderful this life is, how loved and treasured I have become. Can I ask for more??? I think not...

Link to pics

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ode to a 1100

It all started when I lost the mobile that my mom gifted me for my placement. It was about 4 and half years ago, one cold and misty night in January 2004. The mobile I lost was a Nokia 2100 and I had kept it very carefully and scratch free but some how it managed to find its way out of my pocket and ventured into the wide open world on the outside.

The frustration that the loss created was over bearing and I had decided not to purchase a mobile at all. But in a month's time I discovered that once mobile, you need to be mobile for the rest of your live, because living without is like living handicapped.

One fine day in February 2004 I walked into a mobile showroom in Chennai and picked up my first mobile, a Nokia 1100 that I purchased for about 5K (Yes, it was of that price then!!!) It was one of the first payments that I made with my Standard Chartered card. I have a hunch it was the very first...

This time I was determined to be careful in having the mobile. But I did not attach any emotional strings to my new buddy as I had to the one that I had lost. I think my mom still believes that I sold the 2100 and picked up the 1100... Friends came and went by and the mobile was used to call up innumerable number of friends. It had the most amazing battery life and with a active mobile life it used to give me 2-3 days of power without charging.

Chennai went by and Bangalore arrived and the mobile was still in scene. An active mobile life replaced a more passive one during my early times in Oracle when friends were scanty and hours of vetti chatting on mobile was done with and family life with my aunt's family started.

The starting of my love life, gave a fresh impetus to my mobile and big and busy talktimes started. Messaging was initiated in a big way and my mobile proved its might, the key pad may have a few numbers vanished, but the spirit of the mobile was untranished. Now and then there were a few gliches, some calls getting cut in signal transfers between towers, sometimes a rare hang. But nothing which a restart could not resolve.

In recent times, every true friend that I have had, has told me to get a new mobile. Not once or twice but countless times, but I did not want to give seperation to my oldest buddy. But eras pass, ages end, so its the end of the second age in Sudhir's mobile exsistance. And 1100 must be put to rest. Heres raising a toast to the ever youthful, abdominable, simplest and toughest, "Made for India" mobile.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My journey called Ammachi

It all started when she became the first family member to carry the new born. Almost the entire first two years of the infant's life depended so much on his grand mother whom he so fondly began to call "Ammachi"

She was a typical Tamilian house wife, caring and very protective of her children and grandchildren. Keeping little for herself and taking care of every need of her wards. She is the most selfless woman that I have ever met, though she was not the smartest.

Often, she was such that, she valued immediate needs and happiness of her loved ones. In so doing she often misjudged the effects it would have on the long term goals and well being, so often she has repented these selfless actions in her life.

Kind in nature, soft spoken and pure in heart she was devoted to her businessman husband, a man who understood her fully only very late in life. The couple was happiest during their retired lives when both of them enjoyed the other's company and lived in harmony and very very happy.

In my formative years "Ammachi" was a love angel whom I met up with twice a year during my holidays (when we vacationed in Bangalore) and during my high school and higher secondary when we were together in Pollachi, she was my refuge whenever I was in confusion or sorrow, in pain or in loneliness. "Ammachi" was always omnipresent, my darling Panacea.

I watched her wither and become weak, but still she was very strong in heart, till the time my grandpa passed away three years back. But she almost took it in her stride and trudged along. The only thing she was upset about was her children, how little some of her fledglings had settled in life and how miserable they were at times.

She lived to see her grandchildren settle in jobs, make good investments (something she wanted her husband to do since the heydays, but sadly it fell in deaf ears). She watched couple of her grandchildren get married and even dreamed of cuddling her great grand ones.

Her everything was weak, years of steroid treatment for bad bouts of asthma has weakened her body like a tree losing everything in fall, but her spirit lived on. It all ends like it begins. Everything good in life has a ending and so did my cherished spirit. It slowly came to a grinding halt at 11:30 PM on April 2008.

This is my journey called "Ammachi"...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Best buddy wedded

Weekend was a special one. For me most of them invariably are, but this one is a pick of the lot. Not often do you get to see a best bud tying the knot. I do not know how many of you personally know him, but Nishanth is a great buddy, one of the finest that I have ever come across. And this is the weekend that will be remember for Nishanth's wedding to Arthi. Not a lot is known about the bride at this point of time, but this science grad is the gold medalist of her university.

It was Pravin and myself from Bangalore who took the Friday night bus out to Cumbum. It was 8 AM when we reached and the accommodation was all arranged. We checked in, got ready, had breakfast and caught up with a movie "Partner" on Pravin's IPhone (man thats a cool one - movie was crap, I meant the phone). The groom's gang arrived at noon and Nagaraj (Nagu) was with them.

So it was we three to represent our school mates for the reception in the evening of 8th March and for the wedding that took place on the morning of 9th of March. Cumbum is a little town and the place and ambiance might have been modest, but the proceedings were grand. You can catch up with the pictures and a video here

Do leave your comments either in the post or in the album...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Pallavi has always been an ardent fan of Hampi. I think this has to do with her penchant for history. Ruins that stand testimony to the might and skill of a flourishing empire 600 years ago is stuff of her best dreams.

We chose this place to celebrate the completion of 6 months of married life for the weekend 23rd and 24th of Feb, 2008. We traveled to and from Hospet (13 km from Hampi) by KSTRC bus. Accommodation was in a Karnataka tourism run Mayura Bhuvaneshwari hotel in Kamalapur (4 km from Hampi) - Contact # - 08394 241574 for reservations.

The ambiance or facilities of the hotel is not commensurate to the cost, so it would say a modest lodging that we found, though you do not have much choice close to the desolate ruins and deserted sands. But the beauty of Hampi is amazing. A terrain sculpted in boulders (by nature) and interspersed with beautiful temples, fortress walls, courtyard, tanks, pillars etc... (by man)

Hampi is a World Heritage Site under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) but very few of the monuments have been restored. Most of the sites are well beyond repair and will not stand the test of time beyond another 10-15 years. The ingenuity of the local folk and artisans in the heyday of the Vijayanagara empire (600 years ago) is vivid on each and every artifact that still stands to tell its tale.

The weather was extremely hot and we had to hire a rick to travel between the places. The distances between various sites is appreciable. We did visit most of the sites including the Virupaksha temple, Ganesha idols, Ugranarasimha temple, Underground Shiva temple, Palace ruins and fort, elephant stables, Kings balance, Raghunatha temple (for a breathtaking view of the sunset), Hazara Rama temple, Achutaraya temple, Pushkarni tank, Mahanavami mandapa, Vittala temple and few other places too...

Overall a very good place for people with a love of historical and holy places. (Pilgrimage type of folk). I would say best season is during winter months (Nov-Jan)

Pictures of the trip can be found here. Do leave your comments in the album.

Some sites with Hampi info

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