Friday, November 28, 2008

Thai update

The current elected government is a puppet of the ousted formed prime minister who has escaped the country, thus allege the people alliance for democracy (PAD). As a final and intense climax to their protests, the PAD have taken control over Bangkok's two airports and forced the airports on a complete shutdown.

This has caused repercussions forcing airlines to cancel flights and Thai airlines have canceled their BLE-BKK flight for the past three days. Since I could not be on that flight, I could not take my vacation in Thailand scheduled to start today and hence every thing stands canceled.

The demonstrators have eroded months of my planning and desire to go into vacation into the shopping lanes and plazas of Bangkok and relax and be one with the serene beaches in Pattaya. Last to talk they have eroded a fair share of the money that I had put into the vacation without even me being on a flight to anywhere.

Thus I am at home in Bangalore, on a pensive mood thinking about cancelling my leaves at office and deciding to go to work today and forget the disappointment.

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