Friday, February 11, 2011

A packed weekend schedule

  1. Pavi my cousin is getting wedded. That is one. And this in Coimbatore. (I am going to be visiting the Sharadambal temple again. Three and half years have gone past.) - Happened
  2. Juno and Pallavi are heading to Erode for a 4-5 month rest and recuperation period. That is two. - Done
  3. I need to re-renew the lease for my house in Coimbatore. Thats three. - Did not happen
The plan
  1. Leave early 12-Feb. Planned for 4:30 AM.
  2. Breakfast and refuel at A2B, Thoppur.
  3. Lunch at Erode, then a kutti rest.
  4. Drive to Pollachi, via Kangeyam and Palladam, Dinner at Pollachi. (Night halt in Erode and travelled in the morning to Pollachi, Father-in-law accompanied me)
  5. 13-Feb, drive to Coimabtore with Mom and get together with family for the wedding occasion.
  6. 14-Feb, the wedding.
  7. Leave Coimbatore 14-Feb, late afternoon and drive back to Bangalore.
  8. Dinner at A2B Thoppur and reach Bangalore, late at night. (Reached home at 1 AM, smooth no issues drive unlike last time)

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The Road
  1. Bengaluru to Erode: Drive through NH7 from Bengaluru to Salem is a breeze expect for some rough patches as we reach Hosur and the Thoppur ghat also slows down the drive. Took the NH47 from Salem to Chittode and this road is good with no exceptions. Chittode to Erode is a ~10 km drive through moderate lanes.
  2. Erode to Pollachi: Erode to Kangeyam is a SH and is quite decent patch to drive on. Kangeyam to Palladam is NH67 and is a breeze though single laned, quality of NH vs SH can be appreciated on this drive. Palladam to Pollachi is again through SH but a slightly jolty ride.
  3. Pollachi to Coimbatore: NH209 - poor poor poor. Road is moderate but narrow and traffic is perpertual.
  4. Coimbatore to Bengaluru: NH47 from Coimbatore to Avinashi/Perumanallur is a difficult and time consuming drive till is crossed since work is in progress. This will easily take about 2 hours in peak hour traffic. Beyond that it is a true multilaned NH. NH7 to Bengaluru is retracing the route taken onward.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

ICC WC 2011 schedule on Google calendar

Thanks to Sunil for putting together the ICC WC 2011 schedule on Google calendar.
Click on "+ Google Calender" button to import directly to your google calendar and get alerts for each match...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Moving over to GMail

Its been a long and rather eventful journey with Y! mail. Unlike the city folk who opened their mail accounts with Y! or Hotmail when in school, it was while in college that I opened my first personal mail account with Y!. It was Dec 2000 during the winter recess.

I scooted halfway through the 'Priyamanavale' movie in Durais theater in Pollachi to visit the neighborhood browsing center to open my personal mail account on Y!.

After more than 10 years I have decided to no longer use my Y! account for personal mails because of spam problems time and again. I have been rather late to move because there is so much history behind my Y! mail account, but I have had enough. 

I am moving on... and GMail will be my primary personal mail id henceforth...