Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It pours

The heavens have opened, the skies are pouring and this is happening everyday. Welcome to the garden city of Bangalore. Well it might not be exactly a "garden" now, but most certainly it was once upon a time.

But the rain Gods have not stopped blessing this jungle, even though wooded patches have been replaced by concrete mazes everywhere. Its nearing November and the trickles of the past few months have strengthened. It rains everyday here.

When the clock creeps to 5:30 - 6 PM, its end of office for most of the folks. Yes, tired after a hard days work, your body and soul is begging you to reach home and get some well deserved rest. You wrap up things from your workstation, pick up you helmet and bag and walk down the stairs. Only to be greeted by the smells of a terrain that has just been wetted.

Thats the time you curse the rain, damned elusive rain so far, but just now unleashed to spoil my moment of reckoning! Well there are even days when you get more frustrated by the never ending spell, that come what may, you beeline to the road to home.

But my perception to downpour takes a totally different turn when I am at home. Rain is then a blessing from the very God. Especially when its weekend and when its mid-afternoon showers. You stretch out on the couch with a cup of hot streaming coffee or soup and you look at the tantrums lashing out at your window.

"And then my heart with pleasure fills"

Friday, October 12, 2007


A wedding for some can mean every thing cherished in life. I have a few friends of mine who have the impression that for the parents, the duty of getting their children impeccably married of is a measure of how successfully they have lead their entire lives. As absurd as it may seem it happens, and yes in this world we live in...

Weddings can mean different things to different people. There will be some of the folk who come just to hog and bolt. To some close relatives and friends, being there for the occasion will give memories that will be cherished for a life time. For the bride and the groom, the occasion will mean such a lot. This also depends on how much the two hands mean to be with each other.

Organizing weddings can be a totally daunting task. It requires a lot of planning, a good team work for execution and some damage control techniques too. I have found that enjoying a wedding that we organize can be difficult too. Overseeing the various festivities and their arrangements will keep your focus out of all the merriment that goes on.

That done, lets move to the fun part, getting totally involved in the wedding of somebody close to us. That can be a lot of fun, when that "somebody" also means a lot to a lot of people whom will be gathered with us. And thus the frolic will set in. This would mean that the soon to be wedded couple will be in a world of their own, whereas our world will still be here and just for jolly the world would be a lot more fun to be in.

And I do see in the near future the coming of a pompous time when all the family will be united in the celebration of the union of a cherished one with his flame and this will bring forth the celebrations and joy that I am going to treasure for this life time. Let the celebrations begin!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oracle ST Outing to Club Cabana

ST (Server Tech) my group at Oracle has a de-stressing team called "Fun@Work". This team had organized a day's outing to Club cabana about 40 kms from Bangalore on the Hyderabad highway. Was fun. The club has some adventure games, some water activities like wave pool, and some ten-pin bowling activities. Yeah and the food was pretty good too. Catch up with the pictures here

Thanks to Sravan for uploading the pictures.