Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It pours

The heavens have opened, the skies are pouring and this is happening everyday. Welcome to the garden city of Bangalore. Well it might not be exactly a "garden" now, but most certainly it was once upon a time.

But the rain Gods have not stopped blessing this jungle, even though wooded patches have been replaced by concrete mazes everywhere. Its nearing November and the trickles of the past few months have strengthened. It rains everyday here.

When the clock creeps to 5:30 - 6 PM, its end of office for most of the folks. Yes, tired after a hard days work, your body and soul is begging you to reach home and get some well deserved rest. You wrap up things from your workstation, pick up you helmet and bag and walk down the stairs. Only to be greeted by the smells of a terrain that has just been wetted.

Thats the time you curse the rain, damned elusive rain so far, but just now unleashed to spoil my moment of reckoning! Well there are even days when you get more frustrated by the never ending spell, that come what may, you beeline to the road to home.

But my perception to downpour takes a totally different turn when I am at home. Rain is then a blessing from the very God. Especially when its weekend and when its mid-afternoon showers. You stretch out on the couch with a cup of hot streaming coffee or soup and you look at the tantrums lashing out at your window.

"And then my heart with pleasure fills"

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