Thursday, April 21, 2011


There are a few stuff off late that's been hogging its share of my mind.

My impending job change. I have been out of project for about a week and my last day in my current org is 25th of this month. I have learned now that job switch are equally a pain as much as they are rewarding. I have made a choice of where I will be continuing my career. It has been a decision backed up by weeks of thought process and I am not going to look back.

Its sad that we get only 3 months as maternity leave and this means that she has to get back to work soon. The advantages of a nuclear family are many and I have been on the beneficial side so far. My son is definitely my lucky charm, but he will miss out on having grandparents watching over his growth. I for sure had that honor. My maternal grandparents were with me as I finished school and I sure have a lots to thank them for (also my mom).

We are hopeful a house maid/care taker will fit in and solve us of these worries. I am just hopeful.

There are certain other things on my mind which I cannot freely write about, but I am happy that all these take a back seat when I see the one thing that has bought a lot of cheer and joy for me.

See for yourself.


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