Friday, November 30, 2012


Its good to be back on blogger. The interface has changed. The google guys are doing a fantastic job.

Whats changed:
  • Arjun is growing up, that will continue like forever. 
  • Kiran came back from sailing with an injured finger. Got recuperated and is back to sailing on MOL Comptetence. You can track him here - or here
  • Sabrina got married. Been home for Diwali and then the wedding and came back an exhausted family. 
  • Sujesh got married. This was fun. An extended family of 20+ folks with kids and bags taking the train to Tiruvarur and wedding over a couple of days. A week off at work, this was fun, the way wedding should be!
  • We moved houses to an apartment in Spring fields. The apartment is great and the apartment complex is superb. 
More on whats not changed later.

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