Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Decided on the car

We had decided to get a car as soon as I came back from the US. While this happened on June 15th, we had not yet progressed on our decision as of the last weekend. We had been visiting dealers almost every weekend. Across Bangalore we have seen so many dealers and tried out several cars. We had it narrowed down to two models - the Maruthi-Suzuki Swift Vxi and the Hyundai Getz GLS.We had decided to go for the 2005 and 2006 models with 2006 being the priority.

Each model has its pros and cons and I would rate them as being neck to neck in totality. While the Swift surges ahead with its higher power and smoother clutch controls, the Getz has better gear shifting and offers more interior space although the exterior dimensions are a tad lower than the Swift. The Getz cannot match the higher fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs of the Swift, but it does offer a lower initial cost at the resale market.

The trick was to find a Getz car in good condition with a substantially lower mileage so as to expect reduced initial maintenance for a running period of 10-15k kms. Over the last two weekends we had checked out about 10 cars of the two models. It was extremely difficult to find a good Swift for less than 3.75L, Swift has incredibly good resale and is quite fast moving.

We looked at a 2005, Red colored Getz (the best color variant IMO) about 39k kms and tried to negotiate the price, but the deal did not go through. (Now I think that was good for us) Although we liked the car, it was not in mint condition, the interior was quite used and had substantial wear and tear. Yesterday we again went to the user car dealer - c2c cars located at Bannerghatta road opp to Purva heights.

This time we got to try out a 2006 White Getz GLS done 15k kms. We tried the vehicle and it was the best car so far. With just 15k kms that was obvious. The seller was quoting a moderately high price but we knew what was the apt price in the resale market. We negotiated the price to about 10k lesser than the correct price and got it worked out. The stand out point was that the interior of the car was in mint condition, it was as good as the running condition.

After a inspection as Trident motors on Sarjapur road, which confirmed that the vehicle was in great shape, we decided to buy the vehicle. The only decision to make was whether Pallavi would be ok with the white color. We drove the vehicle to her office and picked Pallavi up and she was also game for this car. Her inclination has always been on the Getz more than the Swift and she was happy with the white color.

So that's how it stands, I have made an advance of 10k and agreed to make the balance payment in 3 days. The car is blocked and is now stands at the garage till I make the payment. So that's how my first car buy has gone so far and it has been a rocking experience. Now on to the part of finishing off with the deal and learning how to drive the car!

I am immensely thankful to Subbu for his time and effort and his patience in trying and testing out cars for us. And also for his tips on the nuances of buying a used car. I am so glad you liked the car we picked.

Manina, without you this would not have been possible. You are the best...

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