Friday, November 23, 2007

Its a quarter today

Yes the title of the post may be misleading, and today being a Friday may lead an angle of intoxication to it, but thats not what I am referring to. Its 3 months of married life for us and it feels like we have had a quarter century of togetherness! :)

These 3 months have been fun, but rather fun at home, as we have had only a couple or max three outings. But all the times have not been totally happiness filled in ones. (As was when we were blindly in Loveeeee....) But after every tussle there has been a time of togetherness and understanding. Something to take to till the next time we jostle! :)

Broadly, our love for each other has blossomed and we have had opportunities to be able to introspect each others personalities. I always believe that good friends are easy to come by, but good roommates are a difficult find. In that sense, I think we make good roommates. Of course we have our ifs and buts. We will live on with them... (And with our lonely flowery plant that blooms in pink all the week :)

So here is celebrating the first 3 months of my wedded life with Pallavi. (I hope this intoxication is enough for her to allow me to cricket this weekend. Hehe :)


Vijay N S said...
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sravan said...

keep celebrating many more such quarters; n 1ly these quarters. The liquid form is taboo once u r married. unfortunately, u ddn taste d elixir much wen u had d rights ;)

reg d roommate, yea, difficult to the power infinity to find a gud one, am sure u don hava problem there. ammaniya kettadhan avanga nelamai theriyum.

n wen d jostles come, read my poem :). life is ful of up's n down's but wat maters in d end is how u guys travelled it 2gether, holdin on 2 each other.

keep smilin,

Vijay N S said...

Happy Quateraversary!!!!this calls for a big treat!!!! lets plan a big treat tonight?

Vishwa said...

Hey ..congrats to you both!!! Keep going together hitting centuries after centuries!!!

Naren said...

Sudhir, superda!