Saturday, July 01, 2006

A perfect holiday

It is 5 PM. And the rain is coming down in tatters. The Pollachi weather is always known for its gentleness and it is quite unusual that the rain is coming stronger than usual. By the usual what I mean here is that when it rains, it is not a downpour but droplets of water carried in the whiffs of gentle breeze that blow across your face!

I am having a perfect holiday here. I have here that what is called a place that is far ‘Far from the madding crowd’. A software life in a leading company at Bangalore keeps me busy most times of the week. And an active social life takes over my weekends with friends and girl friends!

I am alone at home and there is music screaming from the computer system with its sub-woofers and bass speakers. The song is not to my liking and I am changing it. Yeah now this song is perfect to set the tone to the mood of the hour. A time for relaxation and perfect bliss and peace!

Watching the rain from the window gives my soul a calm that it has been missing for some time now, the drizzle is getting heavier and the droplets splash across my face through the netlon mesh over the window. You have confusion here on what is more light. If it is your heart that is going eons with jolly or it is the water fragments that are beginning to wet your face.

Mom will be back in a few minutes and that will end the time that my solitude had shown me how I am so good in spending time with myself. The peace and music is so soothing and my mind plays with me in creating illusions and transporting me back to times where my heart has soared as much as it now. I am reliving everything that I have been proud of having lived so far.

My feet are tapping and my legs are swaying to the beats. I do not know how many of you love dancing to yourself, but it has been one of the pleasures of my life. These days the numbers that these new band of musicians are making have such great drum and guitar sequences and it is quite impossible to stay on your feet. An imaginary partner joins you and then you have the waltz and the samba and the jive. Yeah right here in your living room.


Sujesh said...

hi na,
if u feel romantic n dont have a fone in ur hand is this the result?
anywayz, twaz nice to read it :). waitin for ur return to celebrate the defeat of the south americans!!!

Anonymous said...

Superblog,Fantastic to see how ideas of perfect holiday vary,at 5PM on a lazy day if I am not at a cricket ground ,I would be depressed to say the least .
btw,one question
Why are girlfriends in plural..shouldnt it be girlfriend :P?


Athreya said...

Hey good one .. By the way Who is ur imaginary partner ??

Priya Kannu said...

A very nice one. I re-lived it while reading it. And yes i like dancing to myself!!! :D